10 Changes Your Sugar Relationship Happens After The Honeymoon Is Over

There is no doubt that any sweet sugar relationship will go through a honeymoon period and a cooling-off period. When you find each other through some sugar baby or sugar daddy dating sites and start a mutually beneficial sugar relationship, everything is perfect. You and your partner are sweet together. You want to do the same thing on the weekend. You always look great, shiny, and happy. This period is your honeymoon period. However, when you are together for a period of time, the honeymoon period gradually disappears, and some problems come one after another. You and your partner are likely to wonder whether this relationship can be sustained.

A survey of relationship experts found that the affectionate honeymoon period usually enters a cooling-off period, which is why most sugar relationships have problems. Of course, this is not to say that you will no longer love your partner after that, but you can’t let go-other feelings may disappear, your love may develop into something that feels a little different-maybe deeper . However, as time goes by, your relationship will change. If you can survive these ups and downs, you are ready for long-term love. This is when things really start to get better. When the honeymoon period ends, some amazing things happen:

1. You will not always pretend that everything is good
A sugar relationship has just begun. When someone asks about your relationship, you will say it very well. Then when the honeymoon period has passed, you don’t have to pretend that everything is fine, you can admit that it’s not all kisses and hugs, let alone worry that others will think you are in trouble or on the verge of division. People who think everything is fine often do so because the opposite is true.

2. When you don’t feel well, you can tell the other person
When you have any bad feelings, you can tell your partner immediately without being too shy to get sick in front of them. My previous experience was like this: Once I was with my sugar daddy. I screamed because my stomach hurt so badly. When I was sobbing and vomiting in bed, my lovely sugar daddy hugged me. I admit that vomiting all night is not fun, but like all humans, everyone has uncomfortable times. At the first date, you may cancel the appointment and claim to have a cold, but now that you have passed the stage where you always want to look beautiful and perfect, you can admit that you are very sick.

3. Sugar babies no longer have to keep wearing makeup
During the honeymoon period of a sugar relationship, most sugar babies want to show her sugar daddy the most beautiful side, so removing makeup with makeup is a must every day. But now, when you hang out in front of the TV, you wear casual clothes to make the experience easier. We all know that removing makeup before bed is painful, so sometimes you don’t even have to worry about eyeshadow, mascara or foundation staying on your face, because now you don’t have to do it.

4. Get along after disagreement
Remember when you were with your family, how serious was your parents’ quarrel? If you can't go to the beginning to clear your breathing space, the quarrel will definitely be worse. When this happens to you and your partner, you may not always be able to keep in touch with others, but this will gradually bring you closer and prepare for future debates.

5. Don't need too much fancy
When your sugar relationship goes through the honeymoon period, you don’t need expensive meals or travel to appreciate each other’s company. You may be more inclined to make a nutritious and delicious meal at home, a real meal, maybe fries and salsa that you all like.

6. You are honest with places you don’t want to go (and anything you don’t want to try)
At the beginning of a sugar relationship, you may be embarrassed to say refusal. When faced with something you do not like, you may make compromises to accommodate the other party. But the situation is different now, your relationship has passed the honeymoon period, and since you know that you are a real deal, you can say something you don’t like or want to try out loud. But you can also accompany each other to where he/she wants to go, which has no effect on your relationship. On the contrary, boldly saying something you don’t like means that you trust the other person very much and it also has a positive effect on your relationship.

7. You joked about the body's functional response
When you first start dating, you may be embarrassed to show your physical reaction in front of the other party, such as farting, and you will most likely have to suffocate farting because you dare not tell the other party immediately. But now that you have passed the honeymoon period, you can laugh for this without feeling embarrassed, because this is the normal physiological reaction of people. As Jill Layton said in his wonderful article about love: "Before love happens, farting is impossible. But once the love seal is broken, farting is inevitable." interesting.

8. You start to complain more
When you first start a relationship, you will only talk to each other about something positive. Who knows, perhaps because you are worried that a negative conversation will scare the other person away. But after your relationship has passed the honeymoon period, you want to learn more about each other and want to hear about each other's good and bad things. So now you start to complain and start talking about negative things, and the other person is always the first to know that your mood is updated. Yes, uninterrupted negative emotions are unpleasant, but your partner just wants to see you.

9. You begin to share your life
Because your honeymoon is over, you feel there are things that people should know before they get serious with you. Do you have a crazy family? What are your family relationships like? As you get to know each other, information about these families will now be revealed, so if you move in together or live together, it won't come as much of a shock.

10. You don't fight much
As we've heard before, it's important to choose the battles in your life, and this approach is absolutely essential in your relationships. That is, it usually goes through some stage of insignificant argument. You do this because you are close enough to be honest about what you hate. You don't pretend that the whole world is optimistic, because that's the quick way to fail.

A sugar relationship that has passed the honeymoon period is not terrible. What is terrible is that you can't correctly find changes in this relationship. Now check to see if your sugar relationship has reached a quiet period. If so, face up to the changes that have occurred to you and treat it with ordinary heart. Becoming a sugar daddy or sugar baby requires a lot of patience and willingness to date, and then find someone who wants to establish a mutually beneficial sugar relationship with it. But it may also bring incredible returns and great fun, good luck!


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