3 Tips to Tell Your Friends and Family about Your Sugar Dating Life

If you're a sugar baby and have just found your rich sugar daddy on some sugar daddy dating websites, there are some questions you might be asked frequently, such as "where did you get that luxury item? "Or" how can you afford such an expensive luxury? "In general, the answer is that you've found a rich sugar daddy!

Maybe it's not hard for some open-minded parents that sugar babies tell them where these luxuries come from, but there are still some parents who don't understand sugar life, so it will be a challenge to tell these sugar babies' friends and family!

What's more, friends and parents are from different generations, so tell your friends and your family are different situations, here are some tips for you:

Choose the person you want to tell.
You're not obligated to tell everyone you're a sugar baby or you're on a sugar baby dating website, and not everyone wants to hear your story. You just need to tell someone who you think is worth it or who you care about, after all, there are people who aren't worth your time.

Don't lie.
Although you don't have to tell them everything, try not to lie. If you start saying, "oh, I just met a rich friend and he gave me a diamond necklace" or "yes, I found this expensive necklace," do you think it's credible? Even if you don't believe it, how can your family and friends believe it, and they may feel cheated on by someone close to them.

In fact, you can tell them that you are working for a rich man, and these are his pay. This is the easiest part and the right part. What is difficult to explain is the problem of money. The people closest to you will try to label you as an escort, but that's their own ignorance, because they don't know what you're doing yet.

It's important to explain to them that you have a long-term friendship and connection with your sugar daddy. Making your sugar daddies look like mentors seems to go smoothly, as if they're helping me achieve my goals, and that's 100% true.

Make sure you are safe.
As your closest friends and family, perhaps the biggest problem is that they worry about your safety because they know nothing about your sugar daddy. In this case, you can do two things: first, always send your location to them. Second, set up a secret code that only you know, so that when you are in danger, they can know that you may be in danger and call the police timely through the secret code you send.

When you're honest, when your friends and family aren't bombarded with questions about you, you're more likely to get their support. It helps them get used to it.

While there are plenty of sugar baby dating sites that offer security services, it's important to explain why your friends and family might be concerned. Tell your friends and family about your sugar dating life in the ways above.


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