5 Deal-breaker Online Sugar Baby Dating Profile Mistakes

As a sugar baby, did you know that the mistake you make on sugar baby dating sites can scare sugar daddy away? I know you didn't mean to, but here are some signs you might: your inbox is always empty. You'll only be contacted by couch potatoes, con artists, and guys who just want to sleep with you. Your emails are never answered, so your inbox is always empty. Unfortunately, this huge sugar baby dating profile mistake can ruin your chances of finding love and even a few good dates.

Just in the last two weeks, I've had several sugar baby clients tell me that they are in love and that the sugar daddies they spend time with are mature, kind and attractive men. And they all met their sugar daddies online. Online dating works!

For most of us, the days of sitting back and waiting for the mail are over. Now, if you want to get sugar daddy's attention and get a response, the best profile is worth it. Because if he can't catch his interest right away, or if he encounters a deal breaker, he just clicks on the next sugar baby. The good news is that your profile is easy to edit and update. Once you know how it can inadvertently turn off sugar daddies looking for positive, interesting relationships, you can better modify your profile. It's really not that hard. Let's take a look at the most common mistakes sugar babies make when dating online:

1) your dating profile isn't attractive enough.
Here is an example of a mistake: I have busy classes at school during the day and work part-time several nights a week. I spent many weekends training for my next marathon. Ye! When you list a lot of details about your life on your profile, you give people the impression that there is no room in your life for a relationship.

What you should do instead: avoid saying, "I don't need a sugar daddy, but it would be nice to have one in my life." Or, "I live a very fulfilling life without a sugar daddy, but I make room for the right one." I'm so happy to add a great guy to make it even sweeter."

2) your dating profile sounds very attractive.
Here are some of the profiles I see on sugar baby dating sites every day:

"My life was fine, but I wasn't completely happy until I met you."

"I've been waiting so long to find the right relationship. I hope it's finally my time."

"I'm ready to have a good date with my sugar daddy."

Well, while that's what you really think, it's not suitable for a profile. Because when sugar daddies read this, they feel pressure because they think you have extremely high (unrealistic) expectations and dependencies on your own happiness. This is not the place to attract confident, fun sugar daddies. Instead, let him know that you are happy right now, but that having the right person will make your life better. And if you can't write that you can live without a sugar daddy, and truly mean it, focus on creating that good life before you look for a sugar daddy. It would be a big mistake anywhere to expect a sugar daddy to be all your happiness.

3) your dating profile is boring.
If you write something like, "I love spending time with my friends, volunteering, reading novels. "Trust me, when any sugar daddy reads this, his eyes glaze over and he turns to the next sugar baby. Frankly, this profile has nothing interesting or engaging about you.

If you want to attract the right sugar daddy, you need to stand out and be attractive! Don't be afraid to scare off the wrong person. It's just as important as attracting the right sugar daddy. Be specific, "every week you'll find me walking my dog at the SPCA -- it's one of the best times of the week! Then I'm going to my favorite breakfast place for a cappuccino, watching a movie and reading a good book. I'd be happy to put it down for you." (a little flirting doesn't hurt.)

4) you sound serious.
Does your profile sound like someone who likes to have fun? Don't be too negative or too serious, or you'll scare off sugar daddies. It's important to let your potential sugar daddy know that you're fun to be with... Why else would he contact you? The last time you read a profile of a sugar daddy, you think, "wow, he sounds like he really needs me to cheer him up... I'd love to see him! "

5) your dating profile is like a shopping list.
Remember, your profile is your business card, not your shopping list. If you use your profile to make a list of your hobbies, or what they have to have or can't have, it's a huge amount of obnoxious material, not to mention to attract interest -- even sugar daddies who fit your criteria will be scared off. It puts them on the defensive and gives them no reason or desire to see you.

In your profile, your goal is to sell yourself, and when you describe your strengths and how it feels to be with you, it attracts the right sugar daddy and repels the wrong sugar daddy. So let him know how you are relaxing and enjoying yourself, and being with you will make a positive difference in his life; Will bring him a smile; Will help him feel hopeful; It makes him feel good and excited about himself. That's what keeps him reading your material.

Finally, I know every sugar baby thinks sugar daddies only look at photos in online dating, but that's not the case. Profiles are just as important. As a sugar baby dating and relationship coach, I've seen (and done) online dating. I've seen how rewriting your profile to make it more positive, ambitious, and engaging can help the right people find their way into your inbox. So check your sugar baby dating profile for any of these mistakes.


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