5 Signs you’re In an Interdependent Sugar Relationship

A successful and lasting sugar relationship is based on mutual trust, understanding, compassion, support and open communication. But sometimes you may find that your sugar relationship with your sugar daddy or sugar baby falls short in important ways. In fact, you may not even realize that you are part of a dysfunctional toxic relationship in which you have an interdependent sugar relationship with your sugar daddy or sugar baby.

What is interdependent relationship?
In the most basic sense, interdependence refers to the interdependence between two people in order to improve themselves. They usually lack autonomy, independence or self-sufficiency. In fact, couples in interdependent relationships tend to become so dependent on each other that they become emotionally, psychologically, and physically toxic, unhealthy, and unsafe.

What are the warning signs of interdependent relationship?
In order to determine if you are in a codependent relationship with your sugar daddy or sugar baby, it is important to recognize the clear signs of codependency. Based on this, you can take steps to address these issues in a way that is beneficial to you and your sugar daddy or sugar baby.

You feel trapped.
If you are in an interdependent relationship, you may feel as if you are stuck and can never leave your partner. You may be so emotionally, mentally, physically, or even financially dependent on this person that you are convinced that losing this person will deprive you of all meaning in life. But it's important to recognize that no one or relationship should be the only source of satisfaction in your life, and if you feel trapped, it's a sign that your relationship is preventing you from achieving true happiness. Run away!

Your emotional and physical health are at risk. If you find yourself mentally, emotionally, and/or physically tortured, insulted, or abused in a relationship, it's time to get out of that dangerous relationship right away. If you continue to be with your partner, even if your needs, security, and self-worth are secondary, you have fallen into the trap of interdependence.

You turn a blind eye to bad behavior. In many interdependent relationships, it is not uncommon for one party to play the role of facilitator. For example, if you ignore or encourage your partner's destructive behavior, even if you know that his or her behavior is actually hurting your partner and possibly even yourself, you are in an insecure, interdependent relationship. Remember, if you sacrifice your morals, values, and principles to please and appease your partner, your relationship will suffer on many different levels.

The relationship is not balanced. In a healthy relationship, you and your partner should be equal. It shouldn't be the kind of relationship where you have to act like a parent or a servant or a child. The relationship between you and your partner should be like this: you are both individuals who can give and take as much as you want. However, if you are doing all the mothering and nurturing, or your partner treats you like a weak and helpless person, this lopsided relationship is actually bad for you, your partner and your relationship.

You can't live on your own. If you are very dependent on your partner in life, you rely on your partner to solve all your problems for you. This means that you are not an independent person and you can't do everything well without your partner. But you know what? The earth goes around without anybody. You can live without them.

Your life revolves around your partner. If your existence means that your life value is totally dependent on your partner, then you are in an interdependent relationship. For example, if you find that your level of happiness depends entirely on your sugar daddy or sugar baby and his or her presence in your life, then your relationship is not healthy. While your partner is sure to bring you joy, he or she shouldn't be the only source of satisfaction in your life. Your partner should complement you, not complete you.

You think your relationship will last a long time. There is one clear sign that you are fantasizing about having a chance for a happy, healthy and lasting future with your partner, and that is that you are actually very dependent on your partner and you think that you are bound to have a long term future. So if you really think your relationship is going to last a long time, you're going to develop a dependency on your partner. On the other hand, if you have high expectations for the future of your relationship, you may break down when things go wrong. Because you never want to leave your partner.

How to improve or leave the interdependent relationship? In some cases, you can stay with your partner and change the environment around your interdependence. The first step is to find hobbies, interests and activities outside of your partner and find meaning in other pastimes that don't involve your partner. Don't spend all your time with your partner.

Besides, you should also spend more time with your friends, family and other people who are important to you. If you look for happiness and fulfillment in other areas of your life, you are likely to find unexpected surprises.

However, in some cases, getting rid of the interdependent relationship means breaking up. If your partner has abused you or refused to help you with self-destructive behavior, you should leave this person for your own health, happiness, and safety. Look inside yourself, recognize your value, and appreciate the fact that you are totally on your own.

Finally, are you on a sugar date? If so, check to see if your sugar relationship is interdependent. If you see any of these red flags, get out! There are plenty of sugar dating sites out there for you to explore. Say goodbye to the wrong, to usher in the right!


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