5 Signs Your Sugar Daddy Wants You Back

If you've just broken up with a rich man from an online sugar daddy dating site and you think he's showing some signs of wanting you back, he probably is. In this article, I'm going to help you read through some key moves that will tell you that maybe, just maybe, there will be a future reunion between you and your former sugar daddy... If you want. Especially if you think it's over -- then you start to see subtle (and possibly confusing) signs that your sugar daddy wants you back. Are you scared? Don't be afraid, baby. I am here to help you so that you can know more about the situation.

Before we dive into the signs that your sugar daddy wants you back, let me say this: there's a big difference between the fact that he still has feelings for you and the fact that he's just proving he can get you back. So, you should know what your sugar daddy wants you to do, really love you or play with? As part of our exploration, we'll also assess whether you want to get back together with your sugar daddy. Depending on why you broke up, it's better to let go than to get back together in a relationship with no future. If he does one or more of the following, he will probably want to get back together with you.

He's jealous of other men in your life
You and your sugar daddy have become friends since breaking up, so you can both start a new relationship, and you can naturally refer to other sugar daddies you've been with. Is he jealous of the other men around you? If he doesn't like you anymore, he won't care who you're with. On the other hand, if you mention a man (or even your cousin) and he immediately gets jealous, it's clear he's thinking about you. If you post a picture of yourself with a guy and your ex comments that he's wondering who this guy is, he probably wants you back. Otherwise he won't care who you have around him.

He is trying to improve himself
Maybe you broke up because you couldn't stand his bad habits. Perhaps he smoked in the room; perhaps he is always suspicious of you; perhaps he doesn't spend much time with you. Whatever the reason, you can't stand it, so you break up. But now, he tells you he's changed. He's doing something to separate you and you might ask, why would he do that? To win you back. After a breakup, there is no reason for a man to put in the effort to make himself better, unless he wants the woman who pointed out his flaws to come back to him.

Now, remember, saying he has changed is not the same thing as proving it. You need to find evidence that he has. After all, people's bad habits are hard to change, it takes time and effort, if they can be completely changed. So, while you should absolutely praise him for his efforts, make sure he doesn't do it for you, but for himself. If the improvements are real and permanent, you may have a chance to get back together with him.

He takes you back to your wonderful memories
If he brings you back to the good old days, it's a good sign that he wants you back. If he mentions the past, that means he wants to go back to the past, to the happy time you had together. For example, he says: oh. I just took out the T-shirt you picked out for me when we went to the movies for our first date and ironed it. Remember how I spilled coke on you at the cinema? I was embarrassed. That seems like a long time ago...If you want him back, go over the experience with him and see where he went. See if you can pick up between the share of the throb.

He asked if you had any other appointments
When you break up with your sugar daddy, you may still be friends, and you still text each other a few times a week. Well, if he asks you in a text about your current relationship and any other dates, Chances are, he wants to know: are you dating? He hoped it was impossible. Of course, he may be casual), but you can tell by his strategy. He may also want to know if you've moved on since the breakup so he can plan his next move to win your heart.

In this case, if you're dating someone, be honest with him and watch his reaction. He didn't seem to mind... Still a little jealous? If you're not dating anyone, let him know and see if it opens the door for you to get back together.

He told you he missed you
Well, that's the most obvious sign that your sugar daddy wants you back, but let's cover it up. Just because he tells you he misses you doesn't mean he's ready to get back together. He may be torn between the end of the relationship and how he feels about you. Maybe he just wasn't completely over it. The worst thing you can do right now is to be called a fake. The fake breakup looked like a breakup, but it wasn't. Maybe you say you're not together, but you're still texting.

You start hanging out, and maybe you even hook up with other sugar daddies. But that's not what you want. So, find out if he really misses you emotionally enough that you should talk about the reunion...Or, maybe he just seems to miss you (that is, he just wants to keep having sex).

If you want your sugar daddy back and you're not sure what he thinks, pay close attention to his behavior and see if he's showing signs of wanting you back. Sometimes you get so wrapped up in your own emotions that you don't even notice the small ways he says he misses you. If you want him back, give him back. Give him subtle signals that you miss him, too. If you don't want him back, don't talk to him. Or simply tell him you've moved on. Trust me: in the long run, you're better off ending a relationship that has no future.


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