5 Sugar Baby Date Ideas Outside The Bar

As a sugar baby, if you use the same approach every time you meet a new date, your dating journey can get pretty monotonous. Like repeatedly go to the bar, then meeting and dating the new sugar daddy, hope, go home together, repeat. When you're in a new relationship, it's also easy to get stuck in a rut, whether it's taking a trip to your favorite place, the Maldives, or spending a lot of time watching TV on the couch. There's nothing wrong with these dates, exactly, but you'll be better off if you give your date something interesting to look forward to. Whether you want to make a good first impression or get someone hooked, try these sugar baby dating tips for you:

1. Go outside
No matter where you are, no matter what the weather is like, you can do something outdoors -- whether it's picnics, hiking, or a day of ice skating, we promise that if you and your sugar daddy enjoy the outdoors, you'll stand out in a new date. It's also a way to get to know someone you won't find on a traditional first date. You can still talk to people, but it naturally happens when you enjoy nature and some physical activity at the same time. You can learn a lot about a person if you pay attention to how they handle everything from ants to falling on the ice when you decide to go out on a date.

Of course, you need to make sure your potential sugar daddy is interested in outdoor activities. Some people don't, while others have allergies or other restrictions that make spending time outdoors much less fun. You should also use your judgment here. For example, don't take your sugar daddy camping because he never sleeps outside. You might want to put off rock climbing until you know more about your date, and that's right.

2. Play with animals
Even if you don't have enough space in your life right now for a cat or dog, you and your sugar daddy can play with furry animals anytime. If you and your sugar daddy see cute animal pictures online, or you're sure he likes dogs, it's a good idea (this is the best no-surprise element, because allergies are a great way to ruin a good time). Check the hours of your local animal shelter or rescue organization, and then check again. You can watch the animals and even play with them -- but if you know you really can't adopt a new friend, you might bring a cute Kitty home to play with your sugar daddy, then you have to have iron control.

If you and your sugar daddy really enjoy hanging out with shelter pets, volunteer. It's a good way to squeeze in time to spend time together on a regular basis, and it's something you can feel good about doing together. Plus, it means you get regular access to a group of cute animals.

3. Make the mundane exciting
After a few dates with a potential sugar daddy, it's common to invite him over for dinner. If you've been with your sugar daddy for a while, you probably cook for each other on a regular basis. Do you want to go to the grocery store for a date? As boring as it sounds, it's a lovely way to get to know someone. Within your price range, go to the most upscale grocery store in your area and pick up what you need for dinner.

Especially if your grocery store of choice has a bar -- and more than you think -- it's a fun way to get out and get to know your date. In the early days of a relationship, doing standard chores together is still fun and special, so going to the grocery store for a date is really cute. Even if you've been dating for a while, taking the time to do something special can go a long way.

4. Get fancy
Even if your budget doesn't allow for extravagant dates, you can still impress new friends or your current sugar daddy with some elegant dates. If you have a decent white shirt and a nice dress, you have everything you need to implement these ideas. Then look online to see if there are restaurants in your area that offer afternoon tea. Many high-end hotels, for example, do this. This may put some strain on your wallet, but it's not nearly as bad as going to the same place to eat. Afternoon tea has its own charms, with layers of tiny sandwiches and elaborate confections. It's a date you can easily schedule on a weekend afternoon that will fill you up and give you plenty of time to chat -- and if you like a no-drink date, you don't need one. Your sugar daddy will be impressed, but make sure you tell him in advance that he'd better get all dolled up.

You can also create a great evening for a small amount of money, including finding discounted tickets to the theater or ballet, which you can usually find by doing some online detective work, and searching daily deal websites for restaurants you normally can't afford.

5. Forget about the bar and enjoy it
If you really enjoy bar dating, make it a place to enjoy it. You can taste beer, wine, whisky and so on. If you live in or near a brewery, you can taste it almost anytime, sometimes for free. If not, many bars and other venues will host regular tastings. It's fun because you get the atmosphere of the bar (and the alcohol), but you also have the opportunity to learn more about your choice of drinks and find out what you like. They can also be fun social events, which means you and your sugar daddy may meet new people and hang out again in the future.

Finally, by thinking a little bit about these lists, you can take your sugar daddy out and do something he's never done a hundred times before, not just at the bar. Discover more places to date sugar daddies now!


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