5 Weird Questions Sugar Daddy Loves To Ask and How to Answer Them

For sugar babies, you have to be prepared before you start a sugar baby date because there are many things in the sugar world that can catch you off guard. Nothing is more common than sugar daddies asking you strange questions. Sugar babies have their share of problems, whether it's a first date or a few weeks with sugar daddy.

With all my years of sugar baby dating experience, I can almost guarantee that you will have those moments too. So here's a short list of the strangest questions I've ever had and the best ways to answer them so that when the same question comes up, you're not interrupted.

"Do you have a boyfriend now?''
The question sugar daddies might ask is to determine if you're alone or someone else. After all, we're looking for sugar daddies mostly for profit, not love, so chances are you're having a great boyfriend.

How you answer: it depends on what situation you're in. If you're in a relationship, you may have to hide your relationship with your sugar daddy, but it's up to your sugar daddy to tell the truth, if you want to be honest, or if you want to tell a white lie.

"What can you do for me in return?''
When your sugar daddy asks you this question, you may feel nervous because you want to win over this potential dad. You're thinking, "What’s the right thing to say?" "And" what can I say to get him in? After all, we're looking for sugar daddies in the interest of getting pocket money from them. Your sugar daddy, on the other hand, wants something in return for what he has done for you. Just as you love to be spoiled, so does dad! Don't think that coddling them has to be the same, it really depends on what they're looking for, read their profile again before you go on your first date.

If they like golf and traveling, you can bring up their interests and say that you can go golfing together, that you enjoy traveling, and that you would like to accompany them to new places where they want to go.

How you answer: remember what he likes at all times. Cater to his tastes, of course, without being uncomfortable. Answer as much as possible along with him to say, and don't let oneself have a loss.

"Would you like to quit your job and be my full-time sweetheart?"
If your sugar daddy likes to ask you these questions, he's possessive. Some sugar daddies want you to not meet any other daddies and just make your life plan around them. Don't say yes right away because you think he's saying he's generous and will take care of everything. However, do you really believe him?

How you answer: honestly, some sugar daddies don't think about the consequences. In this case, you can remind them that you are also important in the equation. Remind your sugar daddy that your job provides insurance, experience, and a steady paycheck -- and then gently and loudly wonder if sugar daddy can do it for you. If your sugar daddy doesn't ask for too much time, just wants to take care of you and promise you, and you just trust him enough, I suggest you try. However, there are risks involved, so make sure you can handle them.

"Can you move in with me?''
It's inevitable that your sugar daddy will suddenly start planning for you and his future. Maybe sugar daddy asked you this before you met. Remember, it all depends on what kind of relationship your sugar daddy is looking for, whether it's a serious relationship or a short-term relationship. The sugar world has all sorts of motivations, so make sure you know what you and your sugar daddy are looking for.

How you answer: as a sugar baby, the smartest thing you can do is know what you're looking for and stick to it. If you think you can fake a relationship for pocket money, you can't live with him. If a sugar daddy asks for something you don't want to do, it's enough to tell him firmly, "I'm not willing to do this at this stage."

"Have you ever been with a girl before?"
It sounds like a strange question, but it's one that sugar daddy would ask. They may want to determine your sexual orientation, or whether your relationship will be tested in the future.

If you also have a subtle answer and want to explain yourself, that's great. But also know that your sexuality is your secret, whether you're his sugar baby or not. If you don't feel like telling your sugar daddy who you've been with, don't.

How you answer: sugar daddy usually asks these questions just to get a better sense of your personality and preferences, or he might be curious about a threesome and wonder if you're interested. Whatever it is, answer it based on how comfortable you are with your sugar daddy. If you've been dating for a while and you feel safe, answer honestly. But if it's something you just started dating your sugar daddy about and you don't like to talk about it, make a joke and put it aside. "You have to take me out to dinner first."

As listed above, you never know what kind of questions your sugar daddy might ask, so I hope you'll remember these points and think about them a few times before you answer them. After all, it's about whether the sugar babies who are seeking arrangement can handle the potential sugar daddies. Just remember: the most important thing is to keep what you are looking for true! In this way, you'll find a better arrangement -- one that really suits you and meets your needs.


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