6 Sugar Baby Rules Help You Control Sugar Games

Are you going on a sugar baby dating? So do you think the sugar baby rule really exists? After all, there are too many gray areas in the sugar game, and every sugar baby and sugar daddy have very different preferences.

So, does sugar dating really allow sugar babies to make rules? Recently, I met a lot of sugar babies and sugar daddies on a professional sugar baby dating website and talked with them about sugar baby rules. And each of them has a different view. This leads us to think that, while there may be many differences, there are undeniable things that can make or break your sugar game. Curious what they are? Read on for details!

To remain independent
The most important thing in the world of sugar is independence. Here's why: sugar daddies only provide you with certain material needs, but you can't rely on them for everything. If you live off the pocket money your sugar daddy provides, you're not alone. You rely entirely on your sugar daddy for all your needs and never use your head. This puts you at a very disadvantage. Because when your sugar daddy is bad for you, you can't immediately and decisively end the relationship, and if your sugar daddy offers to end it, you can't take it. Therefore, it is very important to be independent and live a good life without sugar daddy.

It's affordable
There are a lot of unexpected things that can happen in the sugar game, and you're likely to encounter sugar daddies who don't respect you, who make you feel uncomfortable, unappreciated, and direct. But you have to put up with it if you don't have a better choice. The best thing you can do is calm yourself down and make it affordable. Because you know, bad apples are in the candy game.

But if you really can't go on, then stop. Even if you feel the need for money, keep in mind that emotional damage comes at a price, and it can affect you much longer than the money you get from a bad situation.

Don't be friends with sugar daddy who doesn't keep his promises
Every sugar baby has experienced at least one uncommitted sugar daddy -- one who promises you the world at first and then one day suddenly disappears from the surface of the universe. Where has he gone? When will he get in touch with you? Will he keep his promise?

Well, apparently not. So don't waste your time trying to find him and get him interested in you again. Don't waste your time on him again unless he has a very effective excuse to explain his sudden disappearance.

Have your own life
As a sugar baby, you need to spend time and energy to meet sugar daddy's needs, schedule and lifestyle. But it's also important not to give up your life. Many women who just start to make sugar babies are most likely to make the mistake of losing themselves. They think sugar daddy is the most important thing, so they put sugar daddy in the first place and leave all the time to sugar daddy. Gradually, they will find that they have no self at all and live around sugar daddy all day.

Trust me, this will continue for a while and it will tire you out and eventually the relationship will end. Don't let your sugar daddy deprive you of your ego just because he offers you so many benefits. You have dignity and your relationship is mutually acceptable. You don't have to do much to please your sugar daddy. Instead, take time to live your life. You'll be happier and your sugar relationship will last longer!

Pursue what you want
We have dreamed of pursuing the ideal love since childhood, but now this is the world of sugar, in this game, you need to be ready and able to pursue what you want!

No matter how many fake sugar dads get in the way, the babies will eventually have to summon up the courage to find the one they want. She simply ignores, blocks, and ruthlessly removes unwanted attention from her life and pursues the arrangement she wants until she gets it.

Don't travel far
Sometimes, your sugar daddy may invite you to travel to his place or you may travel to a distant place together. These are all bad for sugar babies. Because in a strange city, you don't have any family or friends except your sugar daddy, but what if he does something to hurt you? You can't leave your place unless you know your sugar daddy well enough.

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay strong in sugar relationships and help you find the right partner. All you need to do is get into a reliable sugar baby dating platform that connects you with like-minded people and is honest about everything you say.


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