7 Dating Tips to Make Your Sugar Life More Successful

When you're on a sugar daddy or sugar baby dating, if you're feeling lonely or insecure on a date, know that most people aren't very good at dating, and no one will date at birth. They learn how to date more successfully through practice, experience, patience and constant tweaking of dating techniques and methods. They also learn about themselves and what they want through a variety of dating experiences (good, bad, ugly), and then they apply that knowledge to the present and future.

So if you're an SD/SB who's not good at sugar dating, it's not good for you to get yourself into trouble. Instead, know that if you're willing to learn new skills and put in the effort to date smarter and more discreetly, you can do better on your sugar date. Here are 7 tips to foster a more successful sugar life:

Communication is an important part of any relationship, and healthy communication is the foundation for strong relationships, so being a skilled communicator -- which means listening and engaging in the exchange of ideas -- will make you a better dater. Having good conversation skills on a date (some pauses are okay) and showing interest in what your date is saying is a must. Instead of nodding or staring, show appreciation for what your date is sharing by inserting your own questions and anecdotes.

It's important to listen and not to ask open-ended questions critically. Make your date feel heard and important. Avoid talking only about yourself to make sure you and your date have a chance to share.

Emotional intelligence and awareness
Having a high EQ and emotional intelligence is very important, you need to handle and regulate your emotions in a healthy and constructive way, empathize with others, show a deep understanding of who you are and use your emotions as information, and these are all key components of eq. These skills help build stronger, closer relationships and connections, and help you meet your own (and SD/SB's) needs.

In dating sugar daddies or sugar babies, it's important to reflect on your relationship patterns, deal with any feelings that might keep you from fully engaged, and understand what you're bringing to the relationship. Self-awareness and emotional maturity will make you an attractive target.

Time management
There is no denying that life is busy and fast-paced. Scheduling appointments on an already busy schedule makes you feel like you're taking on too much. This is where time management and scheduling techniques come in handy to make sure you can incorporate your sugar date into your life without feeling tired, tired, chronically stressed, overbooked or late. Managing your time allows you to actually be there for the date (instead of worrying about a never-ending to-do list in your head).

If you want to truly open your heart to love, dating must be a priority for you to spend time and energy on. Focus on using tools such as thinking through your decisions and how you spend your time, saying "no", showing self-control and avoiding procrastination. Also, make a conscious effort to schedule appointments so you can present yourself as your best, well-rested, and least stressed self.

Stress management
As time goes on, dating often adds stress to life, which is natural, because there are problems when two people adjust their established routines to include the other person. Finding ways to manage dating stress, recovering from rejection, and meeting your needs through healthy self-care are skills associated with more successful dating outcomes.

The healthier you are, the healthier your dating and relationship life will be. Examples of stress management include physical activity, psychotherapy, journaling, and relaxation techniques. Making time for stress management makes dating feel more manageable.

The confidence
You need confidence in any relationship. This includes speaking up about your needs, being authentic about how you feel, setting appropriate boundaries, and using open and honest communication. Confident communication isn't about showing up, bullying, controlling behavior, or being passive. Confidence is expressing your feelings completely in a direct way, with your voice.

Confidence is important in sugar dating so that your partner knows where you stand, how you feel about them, and what kind of relationship you want. Confidence is a challenging skill if you have a tendency to please others or suffer from social anxiety. Remember, playing games is not a healthy way for one's heart. Learn how to express your thoughts, feelings and needs fluently.

The compromise
In a successful, mutually satisfying sugar relationship, compromise and the ability to make joint decisions are essential. Showing an inability to compromise can quickly stop a potential romantic partner from approaching you, especially if planning is unilateral or logistically difficult in the early stages of dating. If you don't know how to compromise in your relationship, your partner is likely to feel that he or she is losing or giving up something that is out of balance and therefore lonely or dissatisfied.

You can develop compromise skills by better understanding where you stand on an issue or decision and how your sugar daddy or sugar baby sees the same issue or decision. Then, think about how to find a potential date in between. This process involves empathizing with your partner's SD/SB perspective, coming up with a solution that takes both sides and their feelings into account, and finding respectful and win-win ways to make decisions.

The observation
Learn how to interpret body language, eye contact and other forms of nonverbal communication (such as distance and touch) to get to know your date. These are basic dating skills. If you know how to read unspoken information and can accurately observe key parts of the date that make or break connections, you'll be better able to connect with potential sugar daddies or sugar babies.

During the date, consider the gestures your date makes, whether and how to discuss future plans, what to communicate through touch, and so on. Build your observational skills by focusing on what's going on right now, while gaining an understanding of social cues.

Trust me, as long as you strive to master the above tips, you will ensure that you are a more emotionally open and confident dater. Plus, by being thoughtful and making choices that match the type of relationship you're looking for, you can date smarter. Remember, if you are willing to do one thing, you can always improve and acquire new skills, and successful sugar dating requires skill and intention. Want to know how to make a good first impression on a first sugar date? Follow us!


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