7 Tips For A First Date After Meeting A Sugar Baby Online

As a sugar daddy, you are sure to encounter a lot of potential sugar babies online. The sugar dating database is so large that you can choose whatever sugar baby you want to date. But when you're on a first date, it's not the same as dating someone your friend recommended.

Because when you come across a sugar baby from a dating site or app, you have to start selling yourself from the ground up. You also don't know who she really is (the profiles aren't as accurate as you think), so there's no point overinvesting in the experience. Finally, you need to build trust, because it's important to sugar baby (especially if you're still a stranger to her). Here are 7 specific tips to help you on your first date after meeting a sugar baby online.

Tip 1: touch her at least three times
Physical touch is the best way to create a spark and a powerful form of communication that can spark sexual attraction later on. While touching your body on the second date is more important than ever, touching your body at least three times on the first date is crucial. Simply hug, say hello, say goodbye, touch again, and show that you're not looking for the intimacy of a friend. (if your hug embarrasses you, practice hugging everyone beforehand.)

On the third touch, I suggest you play a cool photo or funny video on your phone, then lean forward, holding hands and show it to her on the small screen of your phone. That's all you have to do -- find a harmless way to create physical contact and get things going. Later, if there is mutual attraction, it can lead to sexual tension.

Tip 2: pay for the date
There are a lot of sugar daddies competing with you, and considering this one you don't want to be the kind of person who takes her out and doesn't give her money, because if you don't, other sugar daddies will. She may think you're mean or don't value her as much as other sugar daddies.

Also, she's testing to see if you can keep her safe. In other words, from an evolutionary perspective, when women and men are romantically involved, they want protection and attention. Do we really need this? No, but that's how we feel. So paying for a date makes her feel safe with you. Remember, dating doesn't have to cost a lot of money. I recommend that you spend no more than $20 on your first date, which means a cup of coffee or a nice meal. A cozy sofa cafe or bar will make you feel more elegant.

Tip 3: don't let your mind wander while she's talking
Remember, listen carefully and don't let your mind wander when she speaks. While it may be tempting to think about what you're going to say next as you listen to her, pay attention. At this point, this is someone you don't know at all and can be interesting -- so make sure you understand what she's saying. Science even suggests (according to the university of Melbourne study) that women are more likely to have sex with a man who is a good listener. If you think you want a second date with her, make sure you keep her interest in mind as she talks. If you want to go on a second date with her after you've left, tailor your dating ideas to what she likes to do and then implement them on the second date.

Tip 4: don't text her right after the first date
At the beginning of the date, you should maintain a sense of mystery. Before you even get a chance to set up a second date, the sugar baby is probably dying to see you again. So don't text her right after the date. In fact, don't send her any text messages other than to confirm your second date.

In other words, make sure you only text on purpose. Wanting to make another date means there is an intention behind the message. But text her, like, "how was your day?" "Or" happy Monday! Having no intention only makes it harder for her to respond. Remember, you don't really know each other, and the best way to get to know her is to get to know her personally.

Tip 5: don't bring flowers or gifts
It is not recommended to bring flowers or gifts on the first date. This will not lead to a good result and may be unnecessary. Since this is the first time you've met, you don't know if she likes flowers. What if she's allergic to pollen? How do you feel when you receive a gift that makes you feel bad? Guilty, weird, even a little angry.

Yes, flowers are meant to be lovely. But flowers should be given to a sugar baby who really starts working with you, not someone you've never met. She'll want to know why you're trying so hard, and when she doesn't give you the response you wanted, your self-esteem takes a hit. Take my advice and avoid it.

Tip 6: make an appointment in the afternoon
Are you going to make an appointment in the morning or evening? Wait, you should make the appointment in the afternoon. For sugar baby, no one likes to date early in the morning, and no one likes to date in the evening, because a day date is always safer than a night date, especially when she doesn't know whom to meet. Since all she knows is your name and a cute profile photo, suggest you meet in the afternoon. This will make her feel safe and increase her chances of showing up.

Tip 7: send appointment reminders
This is a simple step, but one that many sugar daddies ignore. Although this is your first date and you don't know each other before, you, as a gentleman, should warn her of the appointment plan in case she makes a mistake or forgets to show up. I'm sure you don't want this to happen to you. It's not fun.

So, remember to send her a message the night before or the morning of the date. For example, you can say: I'm looking forward to seeing you today at 2 p.m. See you. "It's a low-key reminder and gives her a chance to show her interest if she responds. Or maybe you just gave her a chance to crack. If she had to do it anyway, wouldn't she be better off doing it now than later?

Hope you have more information after reading our article to help you make your first sugar baby date special. When it comes to the first date after meeting a sugar baby online, I think the most important thing is to have empathy. Simply put yourself in her shoes: meeting a stranger in a random place is awkward at best. So the more you can make her feel comfortable and show that you're stable, safe and fun, the better she'll feel about you. Good luck!


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