How Do You Become The Most Attractive Sugar Baby He’s Ever Met

For a sugar daddy who has dated a lot of sugar babies, what makes you to be the most attractive sugar baby to him? Sexy? No, it's not about the body. Now, I'm going to teach you some emotional attraction triggers to make sure you're more attractive to your sugar daddy.

So... What is emotional attraction?
Emotional attraction is what a man really CARES about emotionally: he wants to spend more time with you. He wants to be with you because he loves you. Once he gets to know you and sees your emotional attraction, he won't pay as much attention to your physical attraction. Today let's talk about one trigger of emotional attraction that you really want to focus on when you first meet a sugar daddy. How to be the most attractive sugar baby sugar daddy has ever seen?

Wait, you thought about sex, didn't you? But baby, having sex with a man to attract him is what a boring girl does to attract a man. You are not boring, you are unique. So you can do better than seduce a man with your shallow beauty and your body. When you go on a first date, a second date, or even a third date, you can have fun and enjoy yourself. Overall, be a truly attractive person in life. A date is an interaction between you and the other person if the experience isn't fun and interesting. Most importantly, it's not fun -- he won't ask you out again.

So, first of all, relax and tease him a little (but not sexually!). It's ok to have a good time. If he says something a little funny, make fun of him, that's ok. This is very attractive.

For the same reason, you can be sarcastic once in a while, but don't use too much sarcasm or it will become too annoying. If you find yourself not joking around on a date or if you're not having a good time, feel free to use sarcasm to make the conversation a little more interesting. Note: sarcasm is hard to spot through text messages, so save it for face-to-face communication so he doesn't misinterpret your sarcasm as something else.

Second, a little impulsive. If you're dating a guy and the conversation gets awkward, do something crazy, like drag him out to play golf. Impulsive things can be fun.

Finally, don't be afraid of inside jokes. Inside jokes are a great way to really build a relationship with a man because they're jokes that only the two of you know. It's like a secret that no one knows, and once you start telling jokes together as you get to know a man, you'll be amazed at how you get together.

There is a time and a place for seriousness
Although I said you should be a little more fun on a date, you can joke around a bit. But I need you to remember that, of course, I'm not saying that all your relationships and the people you eventually settle down with need this kind of relaxation. I want you to be funny when you're dating, when you're talking to people, when you're meeting people you don't know. The worst thing you can do when you're dating and meeting new people is to be too serious and focused, which can scare them off. Dating is not interview and interrogation. Don't turn a first date into a police station. I can almost guarantee that if you sit across from a sugar daddy and you tell him in all seriousness how much you want to find a relationship, I can guarantee that this will only stress him out and he will probably never call you again. Not to mention the next date. But I mean, you have to be very careful and deliberate about who you settle down with and what kind of long-term partner you're looking for. Have fun when you get to know your partner! Don't pressure each other. Ok. If you can have fun together, you'll be the most attractive woman he's ever met.

Care about him
On the first date, you may not know the other person very well, but you can care about them through small things. For example: is coffee ok? Do you need sugar? What do you like to eat? These are all very attractive to a man because he will feel that you care about him emotionally. It's probably something he's never done before with sugar babies. Because we all have a wrong idea: women should not initiate, but men should care about them. But men are human beings, and they need to be cared for.

Give him the space
If you've been on a couple of dates, you've gotten to know each other. The important thing is not to stick to your sugar daddy, but to give him some space. A man needs space, not being chased by you, which makes him feel out of breath. At the same time, you need space to connect with friends you've left out. Friends and romantic partners are an integral part of life. This will make your sugar daddy think that you are a man of your own mind, that your life is not just about him, but that you have your own life to enjoy. Independent sugar babies are more beautiful!

Now, do you understand how to be an attractive sugar baby? You're already aware of the ways men approach each other emotionally to make themselves more attractive, so start paying attention to them early in the dating process (if you meet someone hot) and you'll get more in return for what you want. Go ahead and join some trusted sugar baby dating sites to find your sugar daddy and start dating.


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