How to Approach a Sugar Daddy

Are you a sugar baby trying to find sugar daddy to date? After all, gone are the days when you had to wait for a man to approach you. Now, you are a capable sugar baby, you just need to know how to approach a sugar daddy, you can do it. It's time to try something new, but if you're feeling too pushy to approach a sugar daddy, let me help you change your mindset.

Don't think approaching a sugar daddy you're interested in is like "hooking up a man." Instead, you should see it as a very natural move to seek love, which removes all the pressure you might put on yourself! One more thing before we get started: don't forget how afraid men are of approaching women! They fear rejection. But by learning how to approach a man, you give him a "window of opportunity" and start courting you. Once you get his attention, if he is interested, he may woo you at the right time.

You can try all of the following, but you can also choose to try one or two, because any one will always bring you success! Or you could switch channels every time you see an attractive sugar daddy, just to make things more interesting. Either way, the more you practice, the more confident you will be in approaching attractive sugar daddies.

Contact him on a special sugar daddy website
The best way to approach a sugar daddy is to text him and chat with him via a sugar daddy dating site. Once you get in touch with him, be sure to comment on his profile updates to get his attention. Maybe you can share a fact (and say so) that reminds you of him, such as the fact that he mentions in his profile that he likes sloth golf. All in all, it's much easier to approach a sugar daddy on the web, just by moving your finger and starting to chat and interact with your sugar daddy.

Ask about the score of the game
Whether you like sports or not, most men like to focus on sports. So going to a sports bar during the game is a great way to meet sugar daddies. The simple question, "what was the score? “Enough to take his eyes off the TV and be attracted to you. If you really like games, you can talk about data and players. If you don't understand, ask questions to make him feel like he has something to teach you. If he watches the game more than he flirts with you, don't get too angry. He's really here for the game, and you're here for another reason. If you think he likes you, wait to see what happens at halftime.

Have a friend introduce you
So you find out that the guy you're courting at the party is your best friend's co-worker. This is one of the easiest ways to approach a man because you already have a goal: your friends. Question her and see what she knows about him. Obviously, first determine if he's available, if he's open and honest, and then see what she knows about his interest. She can help you find common ground. Maybe you both like hiking. When she introduces you, she can use that commonality to start the conversation. Next, you can use these common interests to cut to the chase.

Stay centered
No matter where you are, the location of the corner will not attract the attention of others, and will not help you succeed in approaching a sugar daddy. So wherever you go, stay in the middle of the room. When you are in the center, you are more likely to attract the attention of the men in the room, which increases the chances that a man will speak to you. If you're with a group of friends, sit outside, not next to your ladies, so men aren't as intimidating when they approach you.

Talk to his friends first
As the saying goes, "know thyself and know thyself". To get to know a sugar daddy, start with a friend. While you're learning how to approach a sugar daddy and you're not ready to walk up to a guy you've been paying attention to, talking to his friends first will give you more confidence. You can ask his friend for a salt shaker. Tell him he looks familiar; or ask him about sports. Feel comfortable talking to your friends, and include the people you want. No one likes to be ignored when their friend is flirting with someone else, so this strategy is to make sure your friend is involved and use this conversation as a starting point to talk to your crush.

Passed by on the way to the bathroom
Imagine a sugar daddy sitting on a stool in a bar, and a beautiful woman lightly rubbing his back as she walks by. It was an accident, he thought, until he looked up and saw your smiling face. Maybe it wasn't an accident at all...Obviously, if there's enough space on the way to the ladies' room, or if he's not sitting on the curb, that's a weird thing to do! But in a crowded bar, it's the perfect excuse. If you had given him a gentle bump, you would now have an excuse to talk to him and apologize.

Borrow some salt from him
It's pretty simple, whether or not he's the sugar daddy waiting in front of you. Who would think you were trying to chat him up by asking him for salt at a restaurant? (Just make sure there's no salt shaker on your desk!)Remember, as he reaches for the salt, he takes a quick look around for something to start a conversation about. You can ask him about the steak he's eating, or compliment him. Take the first step with the excuse "I need salt" so you don't simply turn around and shake in your food, and that's the end of the opportunity. You should take every opportunity available to approach a sugar daddy if you really want to date a successful sugar daddy.

I know it may take a few tries to get your confidence up and learn how to approach a sugar daddy with confidence and ease, but you're bound to succeed. Try these strategies and see what works best for you. While I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, I don't want you to try any strategies that make you completely anxious. Dating should be fun! Remember that.


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