How To Kiss A Sugar Daddy With These 5 Tips

As a sugar baby, have you discussed with your sugar sisters how to kiss a sugar daddy on a date? Whether you have it or not, I think it never hurts to review how to kiss a sugar daddy. You may say, I'm already a good kisser, but you know what? Only 52 per cent of people think their partner is a good kisser, a survey has found. So, are you sure you fall into this category, or can I give you some advice on how to kiss a sugar daddy?

Kissing is a sign of dating and a great way to show that you like a sugar daddy. Before I go into the details of how to kiss a sugar daddy, let's take a look at the different types of kisses and when they're appropriate.

The first is a peck on the cheek. It was obviously a polite kiss. If you've known someone for a long time, or if someone is your best friend, be it a man or a woman, you might kiss them on the cheek to show your friendship. But when you're on a second date with a sugar daddy, it's great. Suppose you didn't kiss sugar daddy on the first date. If you want to show interest in him on the second date, give him a peck on the cheek. This will boost his confidence and make him realize that you are interested in him. Yes, agreeing to a second date means you're interested, but some sugar daddies still wonder: does she really like me? So giving him that peck will really help convey your interest.

This is followed by a quick tongue kiss, not too much tongue, just a little tongue. I think a lot of women make this mistake when they kiss for the first time. If you share your first kiss with someone you like, you don't want to go from not kissing at all to just sucking your face for ten minutes. Give him a little bit of tongue, a little bit of lip, and then go back, that's good. This allows you to enjoy the moment and measure his reaction. You can't jump the gun and give him a full tongue kiss.

Finally, a kiss on the lips. I think that's what happens when a relationship goes steady. It's a way to connect with those you love, to let them know that you care about them, and it's also a way to show love to each other. But if you're still in the early stages of dating, there aren't many places you can kiss on the lips. Either you want a real kiss or you don't give anything. So I'm not going to recommend a kiss on the lips for those of you who are just starting out.

Tip # 1: enjoy the moment
I know you're nervous, but I let you enjoy it. But I suggest you ignore the voice: am I doing the right thing? Does he like my kiss? Do I smell? You really should put these problems behind you and enjoy the moment. It's just a kiss. There's no reason to think too much. This man does not judge your worth as a person by your kisses. It's more about the chemistry, the relationship, than the fact that you got an A+ on the kiss test! So enjoy her!

Tip # 2: let him kiss you
If you're afraid to take the first step and kiss a sugar daddy, why not let him kiss you? You don't know if it's like that the first time you kiss, so you don't dare to move. Some men like to stay traditional and take the initiative. If you do all the heavy lifting on a date, they may feel their masculinity is threatened. So give it to your sugar daddy. Unless you absolutely have to be dominant in a relationship, it's good for him to take the lead, rather than you jumping on him and sticking your tongue down his throat. Save that kiss for when you're more comfortable together and you know he'll respond positively.

Tip # 3: kiss him slowly
Lady, you should kiss slowly and with affection, not quickly end a non-emotional kiss. Even if things get hot and heavy, it's okay to slow down, especially if you're not ready to take it one step further than kissing. I know you are in a passionate state: as time goes on, your relationship with him becomes more and more ambiguous, you want to kiss him, he wants to kiss you, and you just want to make him fall head over heels for you. But slow down. This aggressive and passive approach will only make him want to chase you.

Tip # 4: it's unpredictable
Sugar daddies love surprises. If you kiss like a robot, it doesn't feel anything. Instead, try to make your kisses unpredictable. Go from fast, aggressive, to slow, and bite his lip (gently, please!). Maybe move your head from one direction to the other. Anyway, surprise him with your kiss. Now, after you've been dating a sugar daddy for a while, this detailed guide on how to kiss a sugar daddy is even more unpredictable. As you get to know your partner's kissing style, the first kiss may be shorter and more exploratory. But even so, mix it up.

Tip # 5: your breath!
Make sure your breath doesn't smell bad when you kiss. After all, no one likes to kiss someone with bad breath and they won't ask for a second date. I know people who just have persistent breathing problems, and I know people who are going through some serious medical challenges that can lead to bad breath. But beyond that, if you don't have this condition, be aware that oral hygiene is very important when dating. Brush your teeth carefully before the date and freshen your breath with mouthwash. Don't eat garlic or other greasy foods on a date, because, I tell you, the easiest way for a man to not want to kiss or approach you at all is to stink.

Now, do you know how to kiss a sugar daddy? I'm sure you're ready to kiss, sexy, confident lady! Every man you kiss in your life has a different style. Be adaptable and enjoy it. Go ahead and kiss the sugar daddy you're dating.


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