How to Make a Good First Impression on a Sugar Date

"You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression" makes sense. For sugar daddies or sugar babies, this is why there are a few things to consider when you go on a first sugar date with a hot sugar baby or generous sugar daddy. Below, we offer some tips on how to impress sugar daddies and sugar babies on your first sugar date.

Make a good first impression
Creating positive and lasting first impressions with your sugar daddy or sugar baby is an important part of a first date with sugar. Being confident and presenting yourself in a good light is the first step to getting to know sugar daddy or sugar baby and starting a new relationship. There are a few simple steps you can take to ease the stress of meeting someone for the first time and be your best, most authentic self on a date. Here are ways to make a good impression in any situation.

Listen intently
No sugar daddy or sugar baby doesn't want to make the best impression on each other, but most of them go the wrong way. On the first date, they just keep talking about themselves, from work to family relationships, hobbies, sports, etc., without letting each other talk. When all you do is talk about yourself and have no curiosity about them, your date gets bored.

So if you talk about yourself on your first sugar date and don't show any interest in what your sugar daddy or sugar baby says, you'll be considered selfish and unattractive to anyone! The bottom line here is to talk about yourself, but make sure you stay curious and listen intently to what your date has to say. Genuine interest in another person is an attractive quality in relationships, not just on first dates and when trying to make a positive first impression.

Let nature take its course
Keep an open mind and let your date flow naturally. If your date's sugar daddy or sugar baby asks to go shopping, go ahead. If your sugar daddy or sugar baby prefers to go to the ice cream parlor rather than your favorite coffee shop, let them have a good time.

A lot of times, we have strict expectations about the perfect date. Flexibility and the ability to go with the flow are powerful and attractive qualities. When you don't go on a date with preconceived notions of what a date "should" look like, but go with the flow, it will also help you relax and have more fun.

Skip the interview and go for the bold intimacy Most first dates are boring because they ask the same question every time: "what do you do for a living? Where did you go to college? What's your hobby? Where do you live? What's your major?" While it's normal to want to know something about the other person, if that's all you're talking about, you're not really connecting at a deeper level.

I suggest you ditch the interview question and ask deeper, thought-provoking questions to make them pause and reflect: "who is one of your favorite writers? What's your favorite movie? What was your happiest moment recently?" By asking questions like these, you can not only foster true intimacy, but you can also set yourself apart from their most recent first date and make a more lasting first impression.

Put on your best clothes and choose the right ones While looks are an important factor, it does give you an edge if you dress smartly on your first date.

For sugar babies, sexy dresses, long earrings and fluffy hair never go out of style. While this may increase your sex appeal with men, it does help you develop a real emotional connection with potential sugar daddies. Both men and women should dress neatly and appropriately. Don't wear sandals to fancy restaurants or PROM dresses to coffee shops. Always remember to dress appropriately.

For sugar daddies, I recommend a good jacket or blazer and shirt, even in the summer. It gives you an elegant look and a strong first impression, and women like this male look. I can't tell you how many sugar babies I've met complain that sugar daddies dress shabbily on dates and aren't interested in their appearance. Also, I highly recommend a good shave to avoid looking sloppy.

Arrive on time You may have had to be late because of some emergency, but the hard truth is that being late for a first date doesn't make a good first impression. Even if most people are polite and don't make a big deal out of it, being punctual shows that you care and take each other seriously. If there is an emergency, you must inform the other side in time. To make sure you're on time, I recommend not scheduling the actual date on your smartphone, but the time you need to leave the house or office at the appointed time.

It would also be helpful to include a 10-15 minute grace period in the calculation to avoid unexpected situations such as traffic or parking. If you're really late, don't pretend it doesn't matter. Apologize immediately and let them know it wasn't something you wanted to do, it was an accident. Then continue to enjoy the date!

Watch your perfume For both sugar daddies and babies, a good smell is a stimulus and an easy way to make a good first impression. You don't want to date someone who stinks, do you? Bonus points are awarded if you spend two minutes before your date wearing your favorite perfume. But you want to be remembered for the right reason -- not to overdo it in the excitement. If you overdo it, the strong scent of too much perfume can backfire, making your date lose interest and taking them away from you rather than bringing them to you.

These are our tips for making a good first sugar date impression. Our understanding of the dating process and male/female energy dynamics has helped hundreds of sugar daddies or sugar babies revive their sugar relationships. For more information, please visit our website


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