How To Turn Down A Sugar Baby Who Is Interested In You

When you first dabbled in the sugar dating world, you tended to be a sugar baby pleaser and you didn't turn it down easily. After all, you're afraid you won't be able to attract sugar babies, and you want the potential sugar babies to like you and have fun in the process. This may sound like an arrangement, but in reality it just means cash for sex. If a sugar baby wants to make this arrangement with you, don't fall for it! Even if she's younger or more attractive, you don't want to be her victim. Remember, you are a mature sugar daddy, looking for an elegant sugar baby to add sugar benefits to your life, and don't be afraid to reject her if she is not good.

Want to know how to say no to a sugar baby who's interested in you? Obviously, we don't like to hurt other people's feelings, so when you turn down a sugar baby who's interested in you, make sure you practice empathy and compassion. However, there are times when you may inadvertently become cruel while trying to be kind. That's why I'm writing this article to help you deal with rejection better.

What you should do: say no and give her space
You should not delay or delay a rejection. The earlier she said no, the sooner she got over it. So when she publicly expresses interest in you and asks you out, cut the relationship short and call it quits. It may sting, but it's better to tear off the band-aid quickly rather than keep it stuck.

It's true that we often try to overcompensate after feeling bad and rejecting someone. You may spend more time with her than before (especially if she's already your friend). You may want to give her more compliments or try to talk to her more often. Cruel as it may be, here's the thing: things may not get cool right away, and they may stay cool for a while. But it's not your responsibility to fix her broken heart or her self-esteem. If you don't keep your distance, you'll inadvertently send mixed messages that only make the problem worse. So, remember this: be kind, but also give her space to heal.

What you should do: compliment her
Although your rejection may hurt her, you can make up for it in other ways. For example, compliment her. You know, it takes a lot of courage to tell someone, and it takes a long time to pull yourself together after being rejected. So, you know the pain of rejection, but there's nothing you can do about it. If you're worried about turning down a sugar baby without hurting her feelings, check out these compliments and tell her:

"I think you are a good character let you, you fit better!"

"How brave you are! Because I know it takes a lot of courage to ask me that question."

"Thank you. I'm sorry I have to say no. I want you to know how much I respect you as a person."

After hearing these words, her heart more or less will find some comfort.

What you should do: be honest
When you're ready to say no to a sugar baby who's interested in you, you may want to make up saome white or non-white lies to ease the shock and pain of her rejection, such as:

"Sorry, I've already made arrangements with the other sugar babies. (you don't)".

"The truth is I'm not ready for a sugar relationship."

"I'd love to date you, but I'm afraid it would ruin our friendship, and I can't let our super common fire of desire ruin our friendship!" "

Don't do it! When she finds out you're lying, it gives the sugar baby a little false hope and even leads her to ask why you can't date her. Yes, even if it hurts, women -- and people in general -- like to be honest. You don't have to be long on why you're not interested. Say what you think based on the facts:

"I appreciate your liking, but I don't want to date right now."

"I don't think I've found that man yet."

"I want to keep our relationship as it is and not take things to a romantic level."

These rejections may hurt sugar baby, but they're better than lying, trust me!

What you shouldn't do: kiss or hit on her
This is obvious. Why would you want to kiss or hook up with her if you don't like her? If you want to turn her down, don't do anything romantic with her. If the sugar baby is really attractive, then you might want to have a no-strings-attached affair with this person -- and she might even consider that an option. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking they can treat someone at will, sometimes they will try purely physical contact if they think it's the only way they can satisfy their infatuation. But in order to turn her down, remember that no matter what she says, what you drink (in fact, just don't be in an alcohol situation with her), or how nice she looks that day, any romance between you and her is off limits.

Maybe you're recovering from a breakup, or maybe you haven't had physical contact with anyone in a while. But under no circumstances should you do anything romantic with her. It only made her more confused and hurt. That's not cool. We always say sex is a craving, and if your sweet date is right, it should happen. However, if you're going to say no to this sugar baby, don't get intimate with her.

Need more help? I'm here to help
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