Should You Casually Date A Sugar Baby Who Wants To Get Serious

Most sugar babies who are looking for a sugar daddy are seeking a mutually beneficial relationship through online sugar baby apps so that they can get a sugar baby allowance. In this case, the sugar babies are not looking for a serious dating relationship, but for something fun.But now, here are some sugar babies who want to get serious.So for sugar daddies, should you casually date a sugar baby who wants to be serious?The short answer is no, but allow me to elaborate.

Yes, you shouldn't just go out with a sugar baby who wants to get serious with you.Honesty is better when sugar babies want something more serious.In this article, I'll discuss the signs that the sugar baby you're casually dating wants to get serious with you, and what you should and shouldn't do when you realize it.

Signs she wants to get serious with you:
One of the signs that the sugar baby you're dating casually wants to get serious with you is that she's telling you directly that she wants to get serious with you.But if she hasn't come clean about how she feels, here are some signs that she wants to get serious:

  • She uninstalled her online sugar baby dating app.
  • She introduced you to your parents.Know that you may be her parents' age, but she's still willing to show you that she's serious.
  • She wants to meet your family.Also, she wants to see your family.
  • If you meet other members of the opposite sex, she is anxious.
  • She did a lot of good things for you.For example, when you're sick, she brings you soup or some cookies she just made because she remembers you saying how much you love them.

You may have a hunch that she wants more.If you feel that way, you can simply ask her what she thinks.But in a friendly and compassionate way, ask her if her current relationship is making her uncomfortable or uncomfortable, or if she has stronger feelings.If she does, and you don't want to take things any more seriously, it's best to end the casual relationship right away so as not to hurt her feelings and complicate things further.

Do: be honest with her from the start
If you haven't been honest with her yet, start now by showing her in the friendliest way that you're enjoying your time together, but that you don't want to be in a serious relationship.Here are some examples you can use:

  • "I had a good time with you, but I didn't want to take it seriously.You're great, but I don't think our chemistry and personality are right for the long-term."
  • "I really like you and enjoy our time together, but I just want to make things casual.I'm sorry if anything I did confused you or hurt you in any way."
  • "I'm really flattered, but I don't want to go any further in this relationship."

No matter what, it can be tough to say no to someone, but you want her to know 100% clearly that you're not going to have a serious relationship.

Do: keep your distance
If you met her by chance, or met her on sugar baby dating apps or websites, no mutual friends, etc.It may be painful for her to see you, and it's best to keep your distance.However, sometimes things are not so simple.Maybe you've started a casual affair with an acquaintance, a friend or even a colleague.If so, it will be hard to avoid her completely, and if she is your friend, you probably won't be able to either.

However, if you know each other, you can give her some space and time to herself.Don't be icy, but be consistent.Yes, you may still feel awkward if you work in the same office with a mutual friend, but things will eventually calm down.By giving her space, you can avoid potential drama or miscommunication.

Don't: think with your body
Yes, you may be physically unable to say no to the sugar baby, but don't let hormones overwhelm your desire to do the right thing with the sugar baby.You ask yourself if you should casually date a sugar baby who wants to be serious, which may mean you're worried about hurting the sugar baby's feelings.Good, keep it up!

If you still have sex with her after you realize she wants more, she will continue to be with you.If you don't want to get serious with her, you'd better let her get over you and let her find a new sugar daddy she can spend a lot of time with.

Don't: keep dating her casually
Even after you reject her, she still shows that she can continue to have a casual sugar relationship with you, but you should know that she may not be completely honest with you, or she may not be honest with herself.In casual sugar dating, if one or both parties don't want to be taken seriously, the relationship will inevitably fail in any way, so when someone is feeling serious, it's best to end it completely.

The reason she agreed to go on a casual sugar date with you was because she was afraid of losing you, because she might think she was going to go through a withdrawal, and she might go on a date with you and continue to enjoy all the romantic moments she could get.Or, she may hope that over time you will change your view of your relationship.This will only make things worse, so you should end the relationship in time.

If she tells you she can date anyone and tries to convince you, you can say:

"I'm sorry, but I don't think it's a good idea to go on a casual date because I think we've grown apart.And I don't want to hurt you any more in the future. If we keep doing this random thing, I'll keep worrying about it.So maybe we need to say goodbye at this point."

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