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Andrew (Doctor)
I'm a single sugar daddy, 45 years old, looking for fun. I like sugar babies who are positive and know what they want. I don't have any special requirements, but I like sugar babies with long hair. I like to go out, eat and enjoy life. I live each day as if it were my last, and I can show you the fun if you want. I like to do many things. Sometimes I like to watch a good movie and a good book. I go to the gym and enjoy sports. I like to visit new places and try new things. Traveling is my favorite hobby, I want to find a sugar baby who can travel with me. I also promise to give you the ideal sugar baby allowance, want to be my sugar baby?View Profile >>

Darren (CEO)
I am 35 years old and come from California. I like traveling, sports and golf. Although I prefer to go for a walk, I never say no to netflix or pajama day! I'm looking for a sugar baby with life experience, someone I can play with, without a serious attachment. I want a sugar baby who is willing to travel with me, who is willing to accompany me through difficult times, who is willing to be spoiled by me. Of course, I will give you many gifts, including pocket money. I want a sugar baby because I like a partner who knows what I want. Come on if you wanna be my sugar baby!View Profile >>

Calvin (Entrepreneur)
I'm 40 years old today, I'm an Entrepreneur, and I go somewhere almost every day on business to check on my business. I'm under a lot of pressure. I'm a very private person. Once I'm sure you're the one I want to play with, I'll email you your picture. I will never lie or mislead you. I'm looking for a pretty sugar baby in the Austin or Houston or Dallas area, hoping that no relation to the boat is wanting a few nights of fun a month to help me focus and release all my strees. She gets what she wants, and when she asks, you see that I am real.View Profile >>

Herbert (Lawyer)
I am a 43 year old sugar daddy. I like art and sports. I am ambitious and have fun. I like to see what's outside, learn and meet new people. I am an easy-going person. Enjoy thought-provoking conversations with people who are happy with themselves. I'm a lawyer by profession and I like to help people solve all kinds of troublesome problems. I love what I do and I work for myself. I want to find a fun, healthy, exciting candy baby who should have her own job. I don't want to be the only thing a sugar baby has to do. However, I would do anything for the right sugar baby.View Profile >>

Malcolm (Financier)
I'm a 46-year-old financier living in Chicago. I am an honest, mature, down to earth, polite sugar daddy. I like to do work related to finance, like sports, like movies, music, reading! I am also a pet lover, a blue-collar man who loves the simple things in life, and a desperate romantic. I usually take my dog for a walk in the park when I am free. I feel very comfortable living like this, but it would be better if I had a sugar baby with me. If you are also a pet lover, willing to enjoy a plain life with me, then come to do my sugar baby, I will give you a return.View Profile >>

Gordon (Investor)
I'm 48 years old, an Investor, looking for a sugar baby to spend quality time with and to make good memories with, and to love life with. I am honest, confident, kind, and also very interesting! Oh, music is a very important part of my life without any pressure or drama, looking for someone to keep up with me. I'm not looking for a one-night stand, so don't ask. I don't play games, I don't chase people... If you're not interested in dating sugar daddies, just pass me by! I go to the gym twice a day and try to eat healthy. If you can make it this far, contact me!View Profile >>


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