The Pros and Cons of Dating an Older Sugar Daddy

With the rise of, and other sugar daddy dating sites, more and more young women are meeting older sugar daddies. Remember when you were a teenager and your mother said that girls were two years older than boys your age? Believe it or not, dating older men is better than dating younger ones. The good news: 60 percent of sugar daddies are attracted to young women, so for any older man, you're the hot number. Dating older sugar daddies has many advantages. However, there are some disadvantages to be noted. Let's look at both situations so you can decide whether dating an older sugar daddy appeals to you.

The pros of dating an older sugar daddy
You must have dated men your age or younger. Obviously, you haven't found what you want, so why not find someone older and smarter? While not all young women are cut out for an older sugar daddy, overall, you'll realize more of the benefits as you get older.

He's more confident
Older people are more likely to have confidence in themselves and what they want. This is because older men have more life experience: they tend to be more confident. They've all been through life's ups and downs. They dare to share their opinions, they have a confident attitude, you will find them very attractive.

If you've ever dated a weak, diffident young man, it's understandable that you would consider dating an older man. This responsible attitude and desire to take care of your partner will be attractive to you.

Communication is easy
When it comes to communication, older sugar daddies are more likely to be better communicators than younger ones. Because he's been through more than half of his life and has more problems than you, he has learned how to express himself in a constructive way that will make him a good partner. Dating your older sugar daddy might surprise you: he's probably a better listener than any of the young people you're with.If you prefer calling to texting, chances are he does too.

He doesn't play games
Most young men like to play games because he doesn't know what he wants, so he plays the cat-and-mouse games that we all hate. Older men, especially men who have been married once, know what they want. If he's ready for a new relationship, he'll let people know. He doesn't want to waste time. He wants to know in a few days if you have potential.

Now, I'm not saying that every older man is ready to settle down again, but at least they're not going to play games with you, they're going to be more open about what they think, and they're not going to play games with you and let you guess. At the very least, you'll know immediately if you want to pursue something with him, depending on whether your goals are aligned.

He is financially stable
You know, sugar daddies are mostly wealthy, financially stable people. An older man already has so much life experience that he is at least financially stable.

Financial stability doesn't mean making $300,000 a year. It means using his money wisely. Maybe it's investing or buying a house.It's nice to date a man who can afford to pay for dinner. It's nice to date a guy who pays your bills. How about a date with a man who can take you on a trip around the world? Dating an older sugar daddy is all part of the attraction. And you can't find that attraction in a young guy who's still trying to find his footing in his career.

The cons of dating an older sugar daddy
There are pros and cons to every situation, so if you're considering dating an older sugar daddy, there are a few caveats.

You may feel immature
You are the most mature of your friends. They often turn to you for advice, and you are always level-headed enough to give it to them. But now, when you date a much older man, you may feel like a baby in front of him. He lives longer than you, he has more experience than you. But you want a man who can learn from you, no matter how old he is. Just make sure he doesn't act as your teacher when you don't want him to.

People think you have a daddy problem
Here's an interesting fact: even though sugar daddies are older men, it's not a big deal in the sugar dating world. But in real life, if your age difference is huge, expect someone to raise your eyebrows. Many people in their lives believe that women who date men much older than themselves are looking for a replacement for their father. Maybe they don't have a good relationship with their father, or maybe they grow up without him. Even if it's not for you, be aware that there are a lot of opinions about dating women who are much older than you, so be prepared to deal with it.

Life may not be that exciting
Young people prefer a life of adventure and maybe someone you've dated before will take you to bars and parties. But now, this older guy wants to stay home every night. He had gone through all this when he was young, so now he wanted to stop socializing. Older men prefer their daily routines and may be less keen on going out. If an active social life is important to you, dating older men may not be for you.

He may be a little controlling
Because older men usually know what they want, they have a strong desire to control the situation, and so do you. So when you start dating an older man and you feel like he's controlling you, walk away. You need a man who will let you be who you are instead of trying to change you.

If you're tired of dating young people, maybe it's time to do something different. Dating older men adds at least some color to your life. You may find that you feel differently with older men than you do with younger men. You find that you really enjoy being with an older man and enjoying being taken care of. Now, how about a date with a sugar daddy? What are you hesitating about? Take action.


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