To Be Honest but Elegant Says "no" For Sugar Baby

Now, many rich sugar daddies like to seek arrangements on the sugar daddy dating site because they want to have fun in their own lives. In my sugar baby experience, I met a few really great sugar daddies and got a lot of help. But this is just my personal experience. It doesn't mean that all the sugar babies are met with great sugar daddies. There are always some people who are not so great.

Most sugar daddies send you messages after they are interested in you. If you tell them that you are not interested, most of them will immediately accept the fact that you do not like them and continue to find the next beautiful sugar baby. However, there are always some bad daddies that are aggressive to you. Even if you have already expressed your thoughts, you will continue to convey his message to you. I hope that you will change your mind and even question why you are not interested.

So how do you deal with these nasty sugar daddies? How to say a firm but elegant "no"... let's take a look.

Protect your number
It's important to protect your phone number in a sugar relationship, which can reduce a lot of unnecessary hassles. Don't give your phone number right away, at least at the beginning. You can chat with each other via the messaging feature on the Sugar Dating website, or you can even give him a Google Voice number until you are sure you can accept him as your sugar daddy. Most men don't have this problem. If they question, please politely tell them that your experience is terrible and will be happy to pass your number when you feel comfortable.

Have a clear attitude
Although sometimes a good excuse is a polite expression to others, I don't recommend that you do so when you reject a sugar daddy that is not of interest. It may lead to a more awkward conversation.

In my experience, I have met a guy on a date. Because I just started to be a sugar baby, I don't know how to deal with it, so I took a typical excuse, that is, busy studying or being summoned for extra shifts. I didn't tell him clearly that I didn't want to continue with him. After a few weeks, he realized that I was avoiding him and the result was not good, then he bombed my phone for a month in the middle of the night. Even after I blocked his number, he would call me from another number. It lasted for a few months and made me realize that perhaps I should seriously explain to him at the beginning, not an unclear attitude.

Say your true thoughts
When you talk to a potential sugar canon online, you will feel that they are great, but when you really meet in real life, you find that you have no sparks for him. At this time, if you decide that this candy is not suitable for you, just put it down. Calmly thank him for his hospitality, but tell him that you don't feel strong enough to spark with him.

You have the right to refuse
In fact, you have the right to reject people you don't like and have the right to say "no" to them. It is not your duty to chat with someone you don't like, and you don't have to continue to talk to them online. Very simple, you just have to say: "Sorry, I don't want to pursue a relationship with you, but I wish you good luck." This is an effective dialogue and is still polite, so he will not feel embarrassed or difficult to do. To. If they want an explanation, remember that you don't need to give him one, because you don't owe him anything, you have the full right to refuse to talk to him. If he continues to send you a message, you can choose not to reply, or you can answer the simple "Please don't send me a message."

If none of the above works
If the above methods don't work, your sugar daddy is still angry or hostile, and immediately stop your sugar dating. You should not be hurt by him! On most dating sites for seeking sugar daddy, there are some security reports for your reference. Choose a best website and join now.


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