What does sugar baby value when dating sugar daddy – Part 1

If you ask 100 sugar babies from sugar baby arrangement sites: "what does sugar baby value when dating sugar daddy?" You might get a lot of different answers. But if you look closely, it all boils down to two things: first, they need to be able to trust you. Second, they want to know if you're really interested in them. If these two things are confirmed, your chances of dating the cute sugar baby will go one step further. But I'm sure you want more explanation! To make things easier, here are some examples you can use to show your credibility and interest when you start the first date with sugar baby.

So what did sugar baby expect from sugar daddy on the first date?

He looks like his profile photo.
This is very important because you don't want the sugar baby you're dating to think you're a liar, do you? There's nothing worse than using a photo that's been in your profile for a decade or more! Even if you mix one or two old ones with some new ones, trust me, she can tell. She'll want to know what else you're hiding.

He asked a good question.
Turning to conversation, you should ask her good questions so that she will feel safe and open up when she is with you. But don't ask too many serious questions. You shouldn't make her feel like you're interrogating her! Try to keep the conversation going with interesting questions that show you really want to communicate.

He listened about 70 percent of the time.
A first date is not a job interview, which means you don't have to go on and on about your accomplishments. Who CARES? Instead, ask questions to get a deeper understanding of what's important to her. It's one of the best ways to get to know her, not just keep talking.

He paid for the date.
As a gentleman, I suppose you'll pay for the date? Of course, you don't need to spend much. In fact, you can easily have a great first date without spending a lot of cash. Think of a place you can go for a drink during happy hour, or an ice cream sundae together. As long as you pay for her, she will feel valuable and you are the best.

He looks decent.
When it comes to clothes, even if you're not a hunk, you can at least put a little effort into your outfit. It's easy to get bogged down in bad clothes. A third of sugar daddies even said they skipped activities because they didn't have anything good to wear. So if you have to rely on the same work uniform from day to night, you might want to reconsider. She'll notice how much effort you put into your date outfit and think it reflects how much you care about her.

He wants to set up a second date.
If you like her, try to arrange a second date on the first date. This will let her know that you are serious about getting to know her. Leave her no room for doubt. This is no time to play games! You need to be proactive.

He is entirely worthy of respect.
Don't give her any reason not to trust you or not want to be seen with you in public. Be good to the waiter, try not to curse too much, be a humble gentleman.

He was punctual for his appointment.
If you're late for your first date, it's a disaster. Look, if you leave her sitting in a restaurant for half an hour and she doesn't show up, it's over. Being late shows her that you don't care enough about her, or even that you're not polite or nice.

What does sugar baby want from sugar daddy: on the second date

He's probably asking deeper questions than the first date.
Remember, on the second date, you should ask deeper questions, which will build a connection on the first date and help you get to know each other better.

He mentioned something about her first date.
It's a great way to prove to sugar baby that you're actually listening to her.So, to show that you're really listening to her, mention something she said in the past.Nothing could be happier, especially when it was important to her.Maybe on your first date, she said she liked David Bobbie's "Let's Dance" because she and her dad used to Dance to it when she was 3.On your second date (let's say a hike), you might say, "I've sorted our play lists...David Bowie!"Trust me, she'll be impressed.

He planned a physical date.
By physical, I mean anything that gets you both moving, usually outdoors.This is a great choice for a second date as it will help you naturally break down the contact barrier while escalating sexual tension and reducing pauses in the conversation.All of this will help move things forward and convey your interest in her.

He uses touch in a way that is not creepy.
Physical contact is important if you want to increase your bond.It also shows that you are interested in taking things further.But don't be a creep!I'm not talking about some private part of her body.It's all about finding a non-threatening way to touch her, like brushing her hair on her shoulders or raising her hand when you compliment her nails.

Click on Part 2 to learn about what matters when sugar baby is dating sugar daddy. When you understand these things, I'm sure your sugar dating arrangements with sugar baby will go smoothly!


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