What does sugar baby value when dating sugar daddy – Part 2

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What does sugar baby want from sugar daddy: on the third date

He wants intimacy.
Well, now that you're on your third date, it's time to do something a little different with your sugar baby.In fact, some sugar babies really want their sugar daddies to kiss them on the third date.Now that we're here, sex is acceptable if the chemistry escalates correctly.Or, she may not really want both -- but expressing your interest in it will confirm your desire for her and spark a conversation if needed.

Sugar baby looks for something else in sugar daddy:

He is positive and optimistic.
We all have difficult times, but be aware that you need to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative.On your sugar baby date, have you been talking about your crazy ex and dead-end job?This will not only push her away, it will make sugar baby think you'll end up being a sugar daddy full of complaints.

He has his own life.
If you can't take care of your life, how can she trust you to be there for her?A sugar daddy who pursues his passion, is financially responsible and lives independently will make sugar baby feel good about him.

He is charming.
Being able to walk into a room or a group of people and draw them to you is a skill, and if you have it, you're lucky.Your charm can make sugar baby intoxicated, because it means she can relax with you in social situations.Don't get me wrong, she may be attractive -- but she'll appreciate your charm anyway.

He often dresses well (and smells great).
Well, you dressed very well for your first date.But what about the rest?Sugar baby will pay attention to your daily style.This is usually not a big deal, but if a sugar daddy is regularly dressed and well-groomed, it shows that he takes care of himself.This gives the impression of maturity and makes him a better fit to be a sugar daddy.

He means what he says.
As a sugar daddy, keep your word, even on small things, so she knows you're someone she can count on.That means, if you say you're going to be there, be there.If you promise to buy her a gift, do so, even if it's small.

He will praise others, but not be greedy.
It's important to compliment her if you want her to know that you're interested in her.But there's a fine line between sincere praise and desperately trying to tell her everything she wants to hear.Learn not to be clingy so that when you compliment her, she knows you don't expect anything from her.

He is a good kisser.
That's not all, but a bad kisser is sure to make a sugar baby uncomfortable.If your kissing technique isn't up to par, it's hard for her to imagine doing anything physical with you.Try to kiss her and get the blood flowing.

His home is cozy, warm and cozy.
If you have a stereotypical bachelor pad with nothing in the fridge and potato chips on the couch, you have a lot of work to do.Buy some plants, hang some art on your walls, and try to make it feel more like home.If it gets cold, don't forget to turn on the heat!All this helps her to relax completely when she comes to your house.

He underestimated and overestimated.
It sounds like a sneaky trick, but it's actually a clever one.You never want to disappoint your sugar baby.So when you set an expectation, don't set it so high that you may not be able to achieve it.

He could make her laugh.
Tell those stupid jokes...The stupider, the better!Being willing to take risks to make her laugh shows you care about her happiness.It makes her forget, too, and she'll thank you for it.

He cared for her and was not afraid to touch her.
If done well, physical contact can be soothing, affectionate, and can set a sexy mood for your interactions.But obviously, you don't want to offend her or do anything she's not comfortable with.Learn how to break the touch barrier in an indirect and natural way.

He has a good work/life balance.
Even if you love your job and are motivated to get more done, she wants to see you get away from it and enjoy life.This will assure her that you won't let your work interfere with the relationship.So when you're out on a date, checking out on your phone is a no-no!Because this will let the other party think you are a mobile phone crazy.

He is on good terms with his friends and family.
No one knows you better than your close friends and family.So if you don't have a good relationship with them, she may think they know something she doesn't.Be sure to mention your circle of family and friends so people will believe you.

He is emotionally stable and good at communicating.
Most signs that sugar daddy can't control his emotions will make sugar baby feel unsafe.It's not that you can't express your feelings -- just express them in a mature way and respect her boundaries.After all, the success of a relationship largely depends on your ability to talk about things, especially in difficult times.

He is in good health.
Staying healthy not only makes you stand out from other sugar dads (especially when you're older), it also shows that you have a high self-esteem, which makes sugar babies feel safe around you.

What do sugar babies value on a date? Conclusion:
While it's tempting to try to pinpoint exactly what sugar baby wants from sugar daddy on a date, the truth is, the possibilities are endless.Just remember that you need to be genuinely interested and trustworthy -- because if you're really interested, it will naturally come up in a variety of ways, as you've seen above.

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